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Voice awarness WS I Accueil

Voice Awareness Workshop : one hours program for a voice awareness across a panel of ethno-voices & sound poetry

Summary :

To use its voice it is to make vibrate the body, all the body, bones and muscles, nerves and tendons, organs and skin. To use its voice it is to penetrate the body as acrossing a forest where strange noises are mixed to familiar ones. To use its voice means investing the body as entering into a house, open a door, approach a bed where a child sleeps, face hidden under one sheet.

Schedule :

Personal presentation, lectures of personnal text, presentation of schedule, warming up, breathing, timbre, intensity, exploration of the vocal range (basics to extreme), intonation, accentuation & vocal tonicity, understanding of the vocal mecanism, introduction to musical traditions of vocal culture through various technics (such as lyrical tremolo, yoddle, double sound, laryngismus & nasality…), onomato-poetic exploration, vocal mimicry & pantomime, conclusion of schedule.

> Voice Awarness WS I Accueil

Voice Awareness WS

9th Pan European Voice Conference —

8th Workshop of the ELS

Aug 31 – Sept 3, 2011

Marseille, France

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de la Timone

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Atelier dirigé en langue anglaise

References (texts and vocal traditions) :

La Foule, P. Albert-Birot, Karawane, Hugo Ball, Déconcertation d’états d’âme, G. Balla, La Cantate de mots camés, F. Dufrêne, I am that I am, B. Gysin, Poèmes affiches, R. Haussman, Poèmes graves (extract), I. Isou, Ursonate, K. Schwitters.

Buddhist shômyô, Lyrical bel canto, Aka yoddle, Inuit Katajjaq, Geeglu mask, Jôrurî and Bunraku lamentations, Tuva diphonic song, Vietnam Hat Cheo nasal voice…