Laurent Colomb                              


Self-Introduction [page under construction]

Passionate about languages and the performance of the voice, I develop a Theatro-voice universe that borrows its forms in music and sound poetry. My research leads me to develop a specific typography, closer to curves and springs of orality. My palette of expressions interests the world of onomatopoeia, interjections and exclamations of language, regularly enriched with borrowings from other languages… what it questions a gestural and vocal formalism. The stage of theatre becomes the site of a demonstration of the relationships between the sense and the sound, closer to the expressive possibilities of the theatrical body, convinced by an efficiente communication below and beyond the spoken language. Lecturer-Doctor of the University of Paris VIII, commissioned by the House of Human Sciences in Paris-Nord (Ethnoscenology Laboratory), I realize in 2009 a field study on the voice of tayu in the puppet theater Bunraku, interested about therapeuthiques implications of singing. Trained in vocal techniques, I supervise regularly workshops in France and abroad, often in relation to theater companies with which I collaborate (in residence in The CECN of Mons (BE), The Exchanger CDC of Picardie, The Villa Kujoyama of Kyoto (JP), The Centquatre of Paris, The Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, the CNES - La Chartreuse of Villeneuve Lez Avignon…). Finally, I give talk regularly on conference and I publish scientific contributions, closely linked to my artistic activities.

Playwright, director

Practician of vocal techniques

Instructor-doctor of the University of Paris-VIII

Member of the Ethnoscenology Laboratory of the House of the Human sciences of Paris-Nord

Education :

2000 Doctorate in Arts Aesthetics, Sciences and Technology (Specialisation in Theatre and Dance). Thesis: Le Roy Hart Theatre, Contribution à une étude pluridisciplinaire de la voix (The Roy Hart Theatre, Contribution to an Interdisciplinary Study of Voice). University of Paris-VIII. With highest honors.

1994 DEA (Master) in Theatre and Performing Arts - University of Paris-III

1991 Licence in Modern Literature - University of Aix-Marseille-I

1989 DEUG in Modern Literature - University of Aix-Marseille-I

Certification :

2011 Maître de conférences (Lecturer) by the National Council of Universities.

2008 Professeur d’art dramatique (Drama Teacher) to exercise in conservatories ordered by the State.

Communications and scientific publications :

2015 – « H-artaud », Pan Theatre ACTS & DSM Studio (Paris).

2015 – « Un code typographique pour incarner la voix dans l’écriture » (A style guide to embody the voice in writing), International Symposium of poetry (Albi).

2014 – « Le Muscle de l’âme » (The Muscle of the soul), Interlangues Centre University of Bourgogne & House of the Human sciences of Dijon.

– Des lycéens sur les planches (High school students on the boards), Read Review at high school teacher. No. 73 CRDP in Grenoble.

– Opéra langue (Opéra speech), The Other Musical Revue. No. 2 – Univ. Sorbonne-I and CNRS.

2012 – « La Voce nell’aria » (The voice up), International Festival of Poetry (Genova - IT).

– « Au temps heureux de l’auralité » (At happy time to aurality), Library of Compiegne.

2011 – « La Voix en pratique » (Voice in practice), People's University of Hauts-de-Seine.

2010-2009 – « Le Dit du Tayu » (Speech of tayu), Seminary « The Journeys of Ethnoscenology » , House of the Human sciences of Paris-Nord, National meetings Puppets & Music (Paris), French-Japanese Institute of Kansaï (Kyôto - JP).

2009 – Voice is a gesture, Parole Revue. No. 1 : The Body of the Voice / Stimmkörper, éd. Stahmer.

2008 – « Dialogue autour de la voix » (Dialogue around the voice) with the ethno-linguist Prof. Kawada Junzo, Franco-Japanese House (Tokyo - JP).

2007 – La Voix est un geste (Voice is a gesture). Poetic Notebook Review. No. 12 – Univ. Paris VIII.

2009 – Les Voix de l’extase (The voices of extasy), International Colloquium «The Awakening voices», Univ. of Pau & Poetic Research Center. Publicate in the Speech Therapist Review. No. 275 and Editions l’Harmattan, Paris.

2005 – « Les Incantations du monothéisme » (The Incantations of monotheism), International Colloquium « Liturgy, Arts and Theatrality », Univ. of Artois, Center of Literature Research & Beaux-Arts Museum of Valenciennes.

2004 – « La Langue est l’âme de l’homme » (The Language is the soul of man), Theatrical Research Workshop, Univ. of Provence, Vitez Theatre & Opening Nights Session.

– Voyages en terre d’oralité (Travels in the land of orality), Cassandre Review & European City of Récollets, Paris.

– Conduites et postures vocales (Voice : behaviour and position), Seminary «The Journeys of Ethnoscenology», House of the Human sciences of Paris-Nord.

– La Parole en œuvre (Speech at work), Seminary «The Bends of voice», House of the Human sciences of Paris-Nord. Publicate in the Poetic Notebook Review. No. 10 – Univ. Paris VIII.

2003 – « La Voix des limbes » (Voice in limbo), Remarkables Itinerarys Festival & Cultural Committee of the Regional center of Study and Share on the Handicap, Dijon: February 10, 2003.

– « Préhistoire du langage et mythologie biblique » (Langage’s prehistory and biblical mythology), Round table « Myths of Voice », Pan Theatre ACTS .

2002 – La Voix au Roy Hart Theatre (Voice at the Roy Hart Theatre), Speech Therapist Review, N°224, December 2002.

– « Alfred Wolfsohn, un exorcisme vocal » (Alfred Wolsfohn, a vocal exorcism), Seminary « Listening Opera », French Association of Psychoanalysis, Paris.

– La Voix au Roy Hart Theatre (Voice at the Roy Hart Theatre), Music Therapy Review, Vol. XXII, No. 2.

– « La Voix au Roy Hart Theatre » (Voice at the Roy Hart Theatre), International Colloquium « Musical Creativity », European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, Liège.

2000 – « La Fleur de la bouche » (The Flower of the Mouth), Festival « The Fields of the voice », National Institut of Expression, Creation, Art and Therapy of Paris.

– « De la Voix du sujet à la voix du corps » (From the subject’s voice to the body’s voice), Festival « The Voice at phone », National Institut of Sciences (INSA) of Lyon.

1997 – Voix-là ! (That a voice !), CICEP-Univ. de Paris VIII review, No. 4.                 

Teaching Experience (theory-based class and practice-based class) :

2010 to present – Communication Instructor at the University Institute of Technology - Paris-Est (Networks and Communication Dept.), Marne-la-Vallée.

– Theatre Instructor at the Conservatory of Music, Puteaux.

2005-2014 – Theatre Instructor at the University of Vincennes-St Denis - Paris VIII (Arts, Philosophy and Aesthetic Department, Theatre Section), Saint-Denis.

2003-2007 – Communication Instructor at the University René Descartes - Paris V (Psychology Dept., Tools Section), Boulogne-Billancourt.

Other Teatching experiences (vocal and writing workshops) :

2015 – Training WS for theater and voice guidance (Acad. Training Plan of the Versailles Academy)

2014-2015 – Consciousness and creativity of voice (Momboye Center, Paris)

– From the singing voice to the spoken voice (Direction of Cultural Affairs of Paris)

– Voice body (Music Conservatory of Puteaux)

2013-2014 – Voice Master Class (Momboye Center and Activ’Ecoute, Paris)

2012 – Pan Voice WS (Pan Festival - Agora Theatre – Tokyo - JP)

– The voice up (International Festival of Poetry - Genova - IT)

2011 – Voice awareness WS (9th Pan European Voice Conference - Marseille)

– The onomatopoeia : heritage and creation (Royaumont Fondation - Asnières/Oise).

2010 – Tessituras and textes (Music Conservatory of Amiens).

2009 – The voice (1st European Poetry slam days - Heimathafen Theater - Berlin - DE).

– Shumpusha WS (Shumpusha Theatre – Tokyo - JP).

– Voice WS (Cultural Centre Yannick Noah - Asnières/Seine).

2007 – Voice WS (Camogli Theatre and San Frutuoso Abbey, Camogli - IT).

– Hike through voice (Utopia Festival, Ris-Orangis).

2005 – Hic & nuc (University of Franche-Comté, CFMI pedagogical programme, Besançon).

– Vocal Incidences (Contemporary arts Dpt of the Manchester Metropolitan Univ., Cheshire - UK).

– The Writ of the city (Maison des Ecrivains with Credit Mutuel Foundation, Paris)

Multimedia Installations :

2011 – Data +, interactive multimedia installation co-created with Magali Desbazeille et Siegfried, inaugurated Nov. 2, 2011 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Lille.

2005 – Pousse-pousse à onomatopées, interactive multimedia installation co-created with Antoine Denize et Pierre di Sciullo, inaugurated April 2, 2005 at the Centre d’Art de la Ferme du Buisson, Scène Nationale de Marne-la-Vallée.

Artistic grants, prices… :

2014 – Grant of the Experiment Background for youth / Youth and Sports Ministry.

2012 – Laureate of the Book Service / Regional Council of Ile de France.

2011 – Laureate for theatre of the Festival "L'Oise celebrates Rousseau" / General Council of Oise.

2010 – Laureate for Theatre of the Foundation of Japan (PAJ).

– Grant of the General Council of Oise and Royaumont Foundation.

2009 – Grant of the House of Human Sciences of Paris-Nord, Franco-Japanese Institute of Kansai and Cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Tokyo.

2008 – Laureate for the theatre of the "Kujoyama program" / Culturesfrance, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Franco-Japanese Institute of Kansai and Villa Kujoyama.

2006 – Price of the Civil Society of Multimedia Artists.

2004 – Grant of the Artistic Creation Device Multimedia.

2001 – Grant of the National Book Center.

2000 – Grant of the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs of Ile-de-France.

1996 – Grant of the National Book Center.

1995 – Grant of the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône.

1994 – 1st Price of the International Theatre Festival of Nanterre.

Theatre Publications :

2015 – Autochtonies, Amandier ed., Theatre coll., Paris.

2014 – Kyotonomatopée, Perroquet Review No 1, Paris.

2012 – Kyotonomatopée, Grumeaux Review No. 3, Paris.

– Opéra langue, Review.

– Ploèmes, PLS Review No. 2, éd. du Relief, Paris.

2009 – Kyotonomatopée, Review.

– Chicken-troy, Parole Review No. 1, éd. Stahmer, Cologne.

2007 – Chicken-troy, Cahier de poétique Review No. 12, Paris.

– Chicken-troy, Cahiers de lecture Review No. 12, Aneth ed., Paris.

2005 – Boîte de coffret, Le Son du mois ed., Paris.

2002 – Tête de N, Gare au Théâtre/National Center of the Book ed., No. 13, Paris.

2001 – Gazouz au pôle nord, Gare au Théâtre/National Center of the Book ed., No. 11, Paris.

2000 – Coléoptère, Gare au Théâtre/ National Center of the Book ed., No. 8, Paris.

1999 – Akasafaradal, Art & Thérapie Review, No. 68-69, Paris.

1998 – Le Cercle des nourritures, Verso Review, No. 94, Paris.

1997 – Akasafaradal, Yéo ed., Paris.

– Zang num num, Le Nouveau Recueil Review, Champ Vallon ed., No. 43, Paris.


French, English (Certificate in Advanced English), Italien.

Basics of Japanese (JPL Test, level 4).